Packaging methods that seal in flavour and freshness! That's what you can expect when you choose NQ


Marina Fresh Seafoods.

We have fully equipped processing facilities which are AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) / DPI (Department of Primary Industries) approved. What's more, these facilities are located right on the wharf, ensuring we provide the quickest trawler to market supply chain in North Queensland.
After the trawlers have returned to the wharf, the catch is sorted into species types and graded accordingly. For example, our prawn grades include the following:
• U/10: 20 prawns per kilo (XX to large in size)
• 10/20: 30 prawns per kilo (large in size)
• 21/30: 50 prawns per kilo (medium sized)
Following strict weighting guidelines, all our products are hygienically packed for shipping or showcased for retail purchasing.

At NQ Marina Fresh Seafoods, we always follow market requirements to ensure you receive nothing less than the best.

We determine whether or not the seafood we catch has to be cooked at sea or landed green. Our sea scallops are always landed in the shell and thoroughly processed by our expert team.
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